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Ever considered a Power Nap?

Journey into relaxation, improved memory and a greater ability to learn with a power nap. Whether at home or work, an afternoon nap can help you recharge yourself and improve your concentration for this rest off the day. Scientific studies at Harvard concluded that people who had a 30 minute nap compared to people who didn’t rest at all suffered burnout and stress.

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What is a “Guided” Power Nap?

Enrich your power nap experience with an audio track composed purely to induce relaxation. Allow yourself to follow the instructions that will rest re-energize your mind and body.

Listen as the binaural beats carefully induce a peaceful state of mind. They work by playing two different frequencies into each ear with the brain interpreting a third frequency from the tones.

Enjoy a less stressful lifestyle and drift into pure relaxation with the Guided Power Nap Album today. Download now and start relaxing and feeling the benefits of power naps right now. A moment of relaxation can make a day of action.